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Internet is wholesome: MVCC edition

This is a short story about how I hit a wall while implementing a database research paper, found a publication error and how people on the internet helped me.

The paper is Hekaton MVCC - High-Performance Concurrency Control Mechanisms for Main-Memory Databases. Scroll down to the bottom if you are interested in knowing the errata.


I was humbled by the responses I received, given that I didn’t expect much as just some random person on the internet. It was heartwarming to see that people were willing to take the time to help me out.

A little kindness goes a long way.


I have written another detailed blog post here so search engines can pick up and help someone in the future. The paper contains two tables, which decide the row visibility during a transaction. One of the tables, Table 2, has a typo:

According to the above rules, a committed row becomes invisible for new transactions. The fix is simple, the entire column should read:

V is visible only if TE is not T

Check the errata blog post to read the error’s implications and the fix in detail.

Have comments? Share your thoughts here on the Twitter thread.

Thanks to Bhargav, Hari, Satan, Saad, Sumesh, Piyush, and Gautam for reading a draft of this.