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Introducing CaskDB – a project to teach you writing a key-value store

For the past few months, I have been learning about the internals of database systems. After doing a batch at Recurse Center (Nov 2021) researching databases, I have been working on writing my toy database. I found many excellent articles on building compilers, but I could not find many practical resources for databases. So I wrote one. CaskDB is the project I wish I had started with.

CaskDB is based on Riak’s Bitcask paper. The idea of Bitcask is brilliant yet straightforward, which makes it attractive for newbies to learn about key-value store internals and implement one.

I have set up this project in TDD fashion with the tests. So, you start with simple functions, pass the tests, and the difficulty level goes up. There are hints if you get stuck. When all the tests pass, in the end, you would have written a persistent key-value store.

I had great fun implementing this, and I hope you do too. And I hope this makes you dig deep into the fantastic world of database engineering.

link - https://github.com/avinassh/py-caskdb