About Projects


  1. Marshaling Struct with Special Fields to JSON in Golang
  2. I ended up adding duplicate records on a unique index in MongoDB


  1. Setting up Github Actions for Hugo
  2. Moving to Hugo


  1. Catching SIGTERM in Python
  2. Git/Github fork-pull request-update cycle


  1. Using uWSGI with Python 3
  2. When is my Cake Day?
  3. Staying Ahead of Amazon, in Amazon Treasure Hunt Contest
  4. How I Am Maintaining Multiple Emails For Git On A Same Machine
  5. An exploit on Gaana.com gave me access to their entire User Database
  6. Flashing Asus-WRT Merlin by XVortex on NetGear NightHawk R7000


  1. Install Windows 8 UEFI on Legacy BIOS with Clover (and Dual boot with Yosemite)
  2. Scraping Javascript page using Python


  1. Installing Transmission (remote and CLI) client on Raspberry Pi