Using uWSGI with Python 3

December 18, 2015

Gevent does not have Python 3 support yet, but its available as a release candidate. So this will lead to problems if you use the latest stable Gevent with Python 3. Follow these simple steps to install uSWGI and Gevent properly for Python 3.

  1. Uninstall existing uWSGI:

    pip uninstall uwsgi
    pip3 uninstall uwsgi
  2. Install everything via pip3 and use Gevent v1.1rc3:

    pip install gevent==1.1rc3
    pip install uwsgi

Note: Above instructions will be obsolete once Gevent stable has Python 3 support.

Update 06/12/2016:

Gevent now supports Python 3, so just do:

pip3 install gevent
pip3 install uwsgi